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What is VroomRIDES?

VroomRIDES is a two wheeler ride sharing platform offering commuters a convenient and on demand mode of transportation.

During what hours can I book a ride?

Passengers can book use VroomRIDES to book their rides between 7.30 AM to 9:30 PM daily.

What kind of bikes do you use?

VroomRIDES uses two wheelers that are a minimum of 100cc capacity.

Where is VroomRIDES available in Chennai?

VroomRIDES is available across 6 hubs – Velachery, Porur, Nungambakkam, Anna Nagar, North Chennai and Chrompet covering a radius of 450 kms in the city.

Who can use VroomRIDES?

VroomRIDES is available for male passengers only.

App Usage

How do I book a ride?

– Download and install the Vroom – Ride Sharing and On Demand Delivery app from the Google Play Store.
– Select VroomRIDES in the app.
– Enter your pickup and destination locations.
– Select your preferred payment method.
– Book your ride!
You can also take a look at your estimated fare before you book your ride.

What happens after I book a ride?

Once your ride is booked successfully — the name, photo and mobile number of your assigned rider will be displayed on your screen. You can track the rider’s location as he approaches the pickup location and also during the journey. When you reach your destination, your trip will end, after which you can either pay by cash, net banking, credit/debit card or mobile wallet.

Cash payments are made after the trip is completed. E-cash payments are made after your trip has ended or before your next trip is booked. You will receive an electronic receipt for the trip via email.

Rider Allocation

Will the rider pick me up from where I am and drop me at my destination?

Vroom’s route matching algorithm will always provide you with the closest rider who will pick you up from your origin location and drop you off at your destination.

How long do I need to wait for my pickup?

After a ride is booked, depending on rider availability, the estimated pickup time and distance will appear on your screen.

How can I communicate with my rider?

You can call the rider from the Vroom app itself using the call button presented below the rider details. In case you are not able to reach the rider, you can call customer service.

Am I insured for each trip?

Vroom ensures that all passengers are covered by valid insurance on each of their trips. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further details regarding the same.

What happens in case of an accident or emergency?

In the case of an emergency, use the SOS button on the journey screen of the app. This will alert the Chennai Police Control Room and send messages to your emergency contact and to Vroom.


How much do I pay for a trip?

Passengers are charged:
– Rs. 4 per km
– Rs. 1 per minute
– Rs. 1.50 per trip for accessory usage (for the use of helmet and skull cap)

What are the payment options available?

You can pay for your trip using cash, net banking, credit card, debit card or mobile wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik, PayUMoney and PayZapp.



What types of packages can I ship using VroomPACK?

VroomPACK can be used for sending any type of package, as long as it fits our weight and volume measurements. However, packages cannot contain any hazardous materials, animal and other livestock, and other prohibited goods. Hazardous materials refer to any item or agent (biological, chemical, radiological, and/or physical) that has the potential to cause harm to humans, animals, or the environment, either by itself or through interaction with other materials. Animals and other livestock refer to any such living organism other than a human being. (Terms & Conditions).

How should I pack my packages?

Please ensure that the items you are shipping are packed in a manner that allows for their safe shipment.This includes making sure that the contents of the package do not move around too much during transit and that fragile items are securely enclosed in a bubble wrap. Remember, the best surprises can be ruined by sloppy packaging!

What is the maximum size and weight of the package that can be delivered?

Kindly make sure your package can fit in our standard bag size. Right now, we only accept packages that weigh upto 10 kgs. Both weight and size are key criteria. The dimensions of the package must match the dimensions of the VroomPACK bag. Feel free to contact our customer care if you have a package that does not fit the size and weight criteria and we will try to accommodate the package in the best possible way.

If the package is lost, can I expect a reimbursement for my package?

While we sympathize with the loss of your package, we do not offer package protection insurance at this time.


How do I place a VroomPACK order?

Log into the Vroom app. Select VroomPACK, then fill in your package, pickup, delivery, scheduling and payment details, and finally confirm your order.

How do I schedule a pickup?

Scheduling a pickup can be done in two ways: On-Demand and Flexi. Pickups that need to be made within 30 minutes of placing an order are On-Demand Pickups. Flexi Pickups can be scheduled in advance and require a minimum of two hours for package pickups.

When should I use On-Demand Pickups?

On Demand Pickups are ideal for customers who want immediate pickup and delivery of packages.

When should I use Flexi Pickups?

Flexi Pickup can be ordered as per your convenience, based on the available time slots on a particular day.

What does Estimated Pickup Time mean?

It refers to the estimated time that a VroomPACK rider will take to arrive at the pickup location and collect the package.

What does Pick and Pay mean?

Our Pick & Pay feature allows you to pay us for your packages so that we can pay businesses on your behalf and deliver your packages to you.

Where can I use Pick & Pay?

Pick & Pay is useful in several different situations:

  • When you’ve placed a telephone order with a bakery/grocery store/pharmacy and need someone to pay for your items before delivering them to you.
  • When you’ve given an item for repair, and need someone to pay for the repaired item before delivering it to you.
  • When you want to purchase items from small businesses that do not offer delivery services.

How do I use Pick & Pay?

At the time of order placement, Pick & Pay is displayed in the Pickup Details screen of the Vroom app. Upon selecting Pick & Pay, you will be requested to enter the item value (value of the item, or group of items, that Vroom pays on your behalf to businesses) of the order, which you will pay for in the Delivery Details screen.

What if my item value payment exceeds its actual value at the time of pickup?

In case your item value payment exceeds its actual value at the time of pickup, we will refund the difference amount to you once your pickup is complete.

What if my item value payment is less than its actual value at the time of pickup?

In case your item value payment is less than its actual value at the time of pickup, our Customer Service executives will call you and request you to pay the difference amount using the Vroom app.

What if I choose not to pay the difference amount?

Our Customer Service executives will call you to inform you that we will be cancelling your order, subject to your confirmation of the same.

How long does it take to refund the difference amount?

Pick & Pay refunds will take 2-5 business days for all payment methods.

Where does my refund go?

Pick & Pay refunds return to the payment method used for the transaction.

Are there any restrictions on the number of orders I can place?

VroomPACK allows you to place as many orders as you want without making you wait for an order to be delivered, provided there is no outstanding payment in your account.

If you choose to pay for your VroomPACK order with cash at the pickup point or the delivery point, we will restrict your ability to place your next order until you have made your payment at either the pickup or delivery is completed.

Can I cancel my orders at any point of time?

VroomPACK orders can be cancelled at any time until your packages have been picked up by our riders.


How much does it cost to deliver a package?

Package delivery costs start at a minimum of INR 35 for the first five kilometers and an additional INR 35 for each five kilometer slab above the minimum. (Click here to see the slab based fare table). On Demand Pickups carry an additional premium of INR 50.

What payment options do you offer on VroomPACK?

On VroomPACK, you can pay for your orders with cash, a debit card, a credit card, netbanking, Universal Payment Integration (UPI), Paytm, Mobikwik, PayUMoney, and PayZapp.

In what situations can I use cash as a payment option?

In situations when packages are being picked up from you, or when packages are being delivered to you, we provide you with a cash payment option.

Do all orders need to be paid for at the time of order placement?

Yes, all orders are expected to be paid at the time of order placement. For cash orders, you are expected to pay for your orders at the time of pickup or delivery.

What do I pay for when I place each order?

For each order, we charge you for the cost of delivery, based on the distance between the package pickup point and the package delivery point.

For Pick & Pay orders, we charge you for the cost of your package and a convenience fee for using the feature, in addition to the usual cost of delivery.

Do I receive proof of delivery of the package?

Yes, a copy of the invoice for each package delivered will be sent via email and it can also be viewed on the Vroom app. All invoices will have the recipient’s electronic signature. Additionally, if you have opted for a One Time Password (OTP) confirmation, an OTP will be generated and sent to the recipient’s mobile. This OTP will need to be provided to the rider for authentication prior to package delivery.

Can someone else collect my package from a Vroom Rider?

Packages can be collected on behalf of recipients, provided instructions are given by the recipient to the Vroom Rider over the phone.

What happens if the recipient is unavailable to accept the delivery of their package?

In case of recipient unavailability, the package can be either collected by someone on behalf of the recipient if instructions are given for the same beforehand, or it can be returned to the pickup location, or to VROOM’s office.

Can I have my package picked up from a location other than my current location and delivered to another location?

Yes, you can specify any pickup location and any delivery location, provided they are within VroomPACK’s coverage area.

Will there be an additional charge for return of packages if the recipient is unavailable?

Yes, additional charges will be incurred in the case of either returns or re-deliveries.

Who do I contact for complaints about my delivery?

We are a growing company, and so issues may inevitably crop up in our service. Please call our customer service number, +91 44 42189553, or write to our email address,, and we will be happy to address your complaints as quickly as we can.

Glossary of Terms


VroomPACK is a reliable choice for retailers, small businesses, enterprises and individuals to meet their local delivery needs on an on-demand basis.

On-Demand Pickup

Pickups that need to be made within 30 minutes of placing an order, subject to rider availability, are On-Demand Pickups. An additional fee of Rs.50 will be charged for On-Demand Pickups.

Flexi Pickup

Flexi Pickups refer to pickups of a shipment at a scheduled time, subject to the available timeslots as indicated in the Vroom app.

Handling Instructions

Special instructions for handling your package with extra care.

Package Contents

Select your package item(s) from the dropdown list, if they are not mentioned in the list, please select “Others” and specify the contents of your package.

Estimated Pickup Time

It refers the estimated time the VroomPACK rider will take to come and pick up your package after your booking is made.

Estimated Delivery Time

It refers to the approximate time that will be taken by the VroomPACK rider to deliver your package.

Time to Complete Order

If an On-Demand Pickup is selected, a timer starts in the VroomPACK app and the user is expected to finish placing the order within 10 minutes to ensure that Vroom riders are available to pick up their packages on time.

VroomPACK Liabilities

VroomPACK is not liable for goods which are not covered under our legal terms.

If you have questions that weren’t answered by this guide, let our support team help you out.

Email us or contact our customer care team.

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