General Questions


  1. Who is a ride sharer or lift giver?

The person who is driving the two wheeler and is willing and available to share rides is a lift giver.


  1. Who is a lift seeker, passenger, or ride seeker?

The person who is willing to travel by two wheeler and requesting a lift is the lift seeker or passenger or ride seeker.


  1. How do you match rider sharers and ride seekers?

Vroom’s proprietary route matching program determines eligible ride sharers traveling on the same route as the ride seekers and matches the two parties.


  1. How is cost contribution decided for each trip?

Vroom’s cost contribution formula takes into account distance travelled, cost of fuel for the trip, and vehicle wear and tear.


Booking A Ride


  1. Will ride sharer pick me up from where I am and drop me at my destination?

Vroom’s route matching algorithm will always provide you with a rider who is traveling along your pickup and destination points. This means that you will be picked up from your origin and dropped off at your destination.


  1. How long do I need to wait for the lift?

Once you have placed a ride request using the Vroom app, the route matching program will identify ride sharers who are within 1.5 KM of your pickup point. The wait therefore will be quite short. You can call the ride sharer from the app (you don’t need to pay for the call) incase you experience a delay in pick up.


  1. Can I choose who I ride with?

When a ride sharer accepts your request, you will see a profile picture of the ride sharer together with his rating. You are free to cancel a ride request anytime before the start of a trip and rebook another ride.


  1. What happens if there is an accident or other emergency?

In the case of an emergency, use the SOS button on the Journey screen of the app. This will alert the Police Control Room and send messages to your emergency contact and to Vroom. Talk to the police and give your location and if necessary ask them to call for an ambulance. The Vroom customer service associate will contact you to provide further assistance.

Vroom insures all of its passengers who are on a trip through a personal accident cover of Rs. Two Lakhs.


  1. How do I pay for my lifts?

At the end of a trip, you will receive an invoice on your app indicating your cost contribution to the trip. You can pay by Paytm, MobiKwik, PayUMoney, PayZapp wallets. You can also pay using Netbanking, credit card or debit card. Finally, you have the option of paying by cash.