• Redefining City Commuting


  Pocket-S(miles) – Ever felt that you could save some bucks to help you when you need them the most ? We’ve got that covered with our app. Using our app to go that extra mile, will make your pocket smile.

  You wish, you share – While our app helps you to find those in need of rides and to share your ride with them, there is no compulsion to share rides when you aren’t in the mood for it. Be your own judge, and we shall be your pen. (Let your pocket be your jury, it plays that part really well !)

  Appily ever after – Have an Android Phone. Check. Indicate your wish to share a ride. Check. Key in Destination details.Check. You are done !! Our app will take care of the rest. Our app’s technical concoction will make sure that you share your ride appily ever after !

How does it work

What is in store?

Suggested Ride S(miles) for each ride

Confused as to how much you should charge for your ride share ? Leave that to us. The app will suggest, based on a trustworthy calculation involving distance and duration of the ride, as to how many Ride S(miles) (basically what you are thinking – the bucks) you can charge. This is called Cost Contribution.

Ride Options

We believe in letting you choose what fits you. If you wish to share your rides on your way to work, or anywhere else where you have a fixed destination, you could do so. Our app lets you pick a destination and we will find you people along the route to that destination in need of a ride. If you wish to share rides just for all the happiness it gives you, you could do that as well. Of course, sharing rides and being happy about it mean Extra S(miles) !


No, these aren’t the internet cookies that you so badly want to run away from. These are cookies all of us so eagerly looked forward to as kids. Encourage your comrades to share rides through us, share a specific number of rides each month and clock a specific number of kilometres by sharing rides each month and we’ll treat you with the best cookies (Ride S(miles) in town. Of course, even our cookies will make you S(mile).

About Us

Vroom is a brand of OneCipher Solutions Private Limited.Vroom intends to Redefine City Commuting by offering its customers an app based platform, to facilitate a cost effective and fast transportation alternative to effect first mile-last mile connectivity, by bringing together motorcycle owners who are willing to share a ride on their vehicle and passengers in need of such a service.

For Riders – Share a ride, make your pockets smile and be proud of it !

For Passengers – Get to your destination, weave through traffic and make memories all along the way !

VROOM - Redefining City Commuting
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