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VROOM: One Year On

Posted by    |   June 16th, 2017   |   No responses

A Conversation with AVR Venkatesa The atmosphere was noticeably different when I met my CEO, AVR Venkatesa on the eve of VROOM’s first anniversary. He […]

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Coffee and Conversations Series

Posted by    |   June 1st, 2017   |   No responses

We are excited to launch the first of our Vroom’s Coffee and Conversations series. Our chat in this part will be with Dev Suriya, an […]

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5 Reasons to take a Vroom Ride

Posted by    |   May 21st, 2017   |   No responses

In one of our previous blog posts, we spoke about “Sharing Economy in India” and the significance of collaborative consumption in a world with limited […]

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Masterminds behind Vroom

Posted by    |   May 8th, 2017   |   No responses

Understanding the brains behind a business reveals the conviction of the founder; what inspired their decisions in life; learnings and setbacks that have shaped their […]

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A day in the life of a Vroomer

Posted by    |   April 29th, 2017   |   No responses

Every day we come across many people in our lives like the milkman, your newspaper boy, the businessman neighbor, drivers and many more. Have you […]

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Sharing Economy in India

Posted by    |   April 24th, 2017   |   No responses

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Be The Change

Posted by    |   September 30th, 2016   |   2 Responses

The day is nigh. Only two days more. Friends, family, and my team ask me how I feel. Nervous anticipation. Hopeful. Relieved. Fluttering butterflies. A […]

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