To wait or not to wait – Cabs, autos, buses, horse carts …phew ! All of these get stuck in traffic and the wait sometimes is never ending. Use our app to find those superhuman two wheeler riders, safely weaving through traffic to share rides with them. Smoking is injurious to health, so is waiting in traffic- to your mental health. Say a big bye to getting stuck in traffic.
– a motorcycle taxi that can safely weave through traffic jams and get you to your destination with time to spare.

  You too Brutus ? – Surge Pricing, Special pricing during nights, shelling ten bucks more than the meter rate, being taken for a ride (quite literally) along circuitous routes….All of us have had the You too Brutus ? moment with cabs and autos. Use our app to find shared rides with prices which will immediately stitch all the holes ever made in your wallet.

  Heal the world – Play your part to fight global warming. Keep the car at home. Give your bike a break. Share a ride with a bike on the road. Like how Michael Jackson sang, “Heal the world, make it a better place…”

How does it work

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What is in store?

You are in safe hands

Riders who offer shared rides using the VROOM platform are 100% background verified. They are the good folk trying to make a difference. Additionally, the app will also have an SOS button in case of an emergency. We are sure that you wouldn’t have to use it at all. We also have your accident insurance covered.

Swacch Ride-Share

For every ride you will be provided with a helmet and a disposable skull net (bio-degradable) to ward off the sweat monsters. Additionally, at the end of each ride, a face tissue will also be provided. Using a shared ride before attending a meeting ? Don’t worry, they’ll think you have been teleported straight from home.

No more out-of-body experiences

If you’ve travelled even once in a cab/auto you’ll know what this is. They make your heart skip a beat, dance to one and stop somewhere in between. Riders using the VROOM platform to share rides will make your journey a Zen experience. They have been trained in our rider training Shinto school by skilled senseis.

Cost Contribution

How much will a shared ride cost you? Well, trust us with that part. Based on the distance and the time taken for a ride, the app will let you know your cost contribution, making life better for you and the people (also the environment) around you. It is going to be really affordable. Try us out to experience it first-hand.

About Us

Vroom is a brand of OneCipher Solutions Private Limited.Vroom intends to Redefine City Commuting by offering its customers an app based platform, to facilitate a cost effective and fast transportation alternative to effect first mile-last mile connectivity, by bringing together motorcycle owners who are willing to share a ride on their vehicle and passengers in need of such a service.

For Riders – Share a ride, make your pockets smile and be proud of it !

For Passengers – Get to your destination, weave through traffic and make memories all along the way !

VROOM - Redefining City Commuting
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